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My story started when I was 16. I created a website, from start to finish, for a local association in my town, Oudenaarde (Belgium). I taught myself some basic PHP and built my own, super secure, Content Management System (CMS). This wonky house of cards was replaced later with a WordPress implementation which is still actively used today. My urge to design and develop impressive digital experiences was like vitamin D for my body. Soon other clients and websites followed which empowered me to level up my soft and hard skills. The choice in further education was obvious.

Creativity is just connecting things.

Today, not much has changed. I still delay meals for amazing web designs and stunning photo’s. When new projects pop up, I like to pick just the right tool for the job. First, I warm up with documentation about that new tool or framework. This foundation allows me to instantly implement features the most recommended way. This is how I stay on top of the contiguous, digital changes. How do you stay on top?"

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